Working from home is difficult!

Good Afternoon Everyone

Warm but windy Wednesday it is🌬☀️

Keep up those Vitamin C’s and if you can get some Zinc in to boost your immune even better🍊

Dr. Tom Breeweg👨‍⚕️¬†will be at the practice tonight from 17:00 – 20:00 should you need medical assistance.

☎️Contact Brigitte at the practice 011 768 1013/1014 at 17:00.

Practice Adress currently:
Medgate Centre
Corner of Pheasant and Kingfisher Street

Just a reminder on the 01/08/2020 NiteDoc will be moving to Wilrogate Shopping Centre at G4 Medical Services.

Most of us are working from home currently, here’s a few tips on how to prevent working from home burnout. As a mom of a grade 4 kiddo , it gets ruff having to work as well as be back in grade 4🥴